To err is human..

And to forgive? Yea, Not so much of that going on right now.

My husband describes me as tolerant, and while I’ve long joked that he’s the only person ever to think so, to some extent, in recent years he’s been right. Nothing in the last few years has bothered me the way it used to. Recently though, thats changed and I am much less inclined to let things go than I had been. Feels like all the anger in my life decided to come back at once.

Maybe I let too much go for too long. not sure. But suddenly I”m inclined to feel offended, ¬†slighted, whatever, and not as inclined to let it go. Could be overload, could be biochemical, could just be a desperate need for vacation, I”m not really sure.

In any event, found a cool looking weasel postage stamp (its over there.. to the right) and it is one of many. I was shocked to see how many countries have put weasels on their postage stamps at one time or another. That thought cheers me right up.

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